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Recommended Drift KPIs
New Conversations
Conversations Growth
Average Time to First Response
Average Time to Close
Drift Stats
Total Conversations vs Contacts
Contacts Growth
Sent via Chat Playbook
Conversations by means of Chat Playbook
Clicks by means of Chat Playbook
Dismisses by way of Chat Playbook
Meetings Booked with the aid of Chat Playbook
Emails Captured through Chat Playbook
Click % through Chat Playbook
!Dismisses % with the aid of Chat Playbook
Chat Playbook Overview
Sent by using Email Playbook
Replies by means of Email Playbook
Opens with the aid of Email Playbook
Clicks through Email Playbook
Bounces via Email Playbook
Unsubscriptions with the aid of Email Playbook
Open % with the aid of Email Playbook
Click % by using Email Playbook
Email Playbook Overview
Conversations through Signature Playbook
Opens by way of Signature Playbook
Clicks by using Signature Playbook
Meetings through Signature Playbook
Views via Signature Playbook
Open % by using Signature Playbook
Click % through Signature Playbook
Signature Playbook Overview
Median Time to Close
Median to first reaction
New Conversations Rate
Conversations in step with touch
Conversations Rate by means of Chat Playbook
Emails Captured Rate by Chat Playbook
Meetings Booked Rate by Chat Playbook
Recommended Drift Templates
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Drift Essentials – Getting Started w/ Chat

Drift (Conversation Performance)

Drift Campaigns & Conversations Dashboard
Drift metrics and KPI visualization in Databox local cell app
All your KPIs on Mobile
Start your day with a Scorecard. Delivered right to your smartphone, your day by day scorecard guarantees you start the day in the understand.
Be the first to recognise. Get a heads up while some thing vital adjustments unexpectedly or when traits are emerging.
Take actions. Annotate and share along with your team to ensure you’re all at the identical page.
Focus on metrics that remember
In sight. Display your key facts on your workplace, on a wall, or in a meeting room.
Rally your team. Get everybody centered on the metrics that be counted.
Drift metrics and KPI visualization on Databox huge display dashboard
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Access your commercial enterprise performance anywhere
Connect your data, pick your metrics and start tracking your overall performance every time, anywhere.


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